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GOD IS LOVE...But Remember...

  God is Love.  Many take this for granted thinking that since He Loves us all He "accepts our failures".... but He forgives us of our failures, cleanses us of all sin, and not so we can continue in them. So many believe as Long as He Loves me "it's no big deal",... but Our Actions and Obedience tell Him whether you Love Him or not.  It's not just about He Loves "us", but whether "We" Love Him in return. 

 It's the return of that Love that says you are saved, obedient, follow His will and not our own lusts...The Lord will gather us who did not conform to the ways of the world, but who faithfully, unashamedly, boldly follow Him in spite of the tempting pleasures of sins and changing standards of this world. Sinless living and good works don't save us, but following them because we Love the Lord is Paramount. One book that we must never forget the words of and keep in our remembrance is 1-John-Chapter-3

 God is angry with the wicked every day as is written in His Word. Psalms-7-11  With a tear on Our Lord's cheek shall He allow sinners to choose their way and watch them enter Hell.   In America we have come to honor and respect the false gods of others and religions that don't worship the God of the Bible, nor believe the Record that God left of His Son, Jesus Christ, 1-John-5-10/John 1:34  Another dangerous belief Is that  God would "never" allow people to go to a place like hell...   There are so many scriptures that prove otherwise. We must be bold in our faith in this ever-changing society of fading morality, and lack of spirituality.

 Let's remember in Romans 11:22 Behold the goodness and severity of the Lord!    God does have emotions and will let us know in certain ways, whenever He is displeased with our actions, words, or even thoughts. It is written that "as long as you are in the world ye shall have tribulation." John:16-33  If ye be without chastisement then are ye bastards and not sons.  Remember what David said, "when I saw the prosperity of the wicked, my foot almost slipped".  The world has "It", but they don't have Him.  God is not our puppet, or Santa Claus, our Genie in a lamp, or someone we only talk to when asking for something, ......He is to be WORSHIPPED!  To Worship is to Bow down, the head, the knee, the human will, our desires, and plans are all supposed to be yielded to Him converted to God's own plan and assignment for our lives.

Many in America have lost the "Honor of  A King" and don't regard God as The Sole Authority over mankind, man's body, man's soul, man's spirit, and man's mind....(and yes, man's private parts)  it all belongs to the God who gave it,  yet many choose to follow the enemy who gives them Nothing.  , Love the lost but Hate the sins they commit...  2-Corinthians-5-11  says..."Knowing, therefore, the Terror of the Lord, we persuade Men....hmmm I could go on and on but How can we which are redeemed take lightly those things that clung Christ to the Cross?  no way!  We shall not trample underfoot the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ while we stroke the sins of the lost knowing full well that Jesus paid very handsomely for their sins also. 


 The Lord Jesus called me as a teen in a home where we were raised as believers of the Gospel Of Jesus.  Our Grandmother took us to Church sometimes and taught us The Lord's Prayer; From then on I wondered as a pre-teen "why are we not going to church and serving someone who died for us to save our souls"?  A few years later I asked my parents if I could go to the Baptist Church on our street. Me and 2 of my sisters were Baptized in Water and sang in the Youth Choir, but the Lord continued to deal with me as a teen to seek Him more, I prayed often and asked God, "where is the truth taught"? 

I heard so many conflicting doctrines from aunts, cousins, and schoolmates, so I prayed again "Lord, where is the truth taught, show me"?   The next morning was Sunday, I always had my radio alarm on a Soul Music channel, but this particular morning a Church was on the air, saying "This is your glorious Church of the Air where the truth is taught...the feast of the Lord is going on...".

I jumped up, got ready, and caught the bus to Church just in time, I was still hesitant over some differences between this sanctified Church and the Baptist church doctrine, and prayed again and was drawn to a similar Church from a TV broadcast, which didn't say exactly the thing I questioned about the deity of Christ and God's Name, but I went up to be re-Baptized this time calling on the Name of Jesus and attended Bible Class where I sat with a Deacon-Minister who showed me and my sister where in the Bible it says Jesus Is Christ and God, and how we can have the evidence of the Holy Spirit's infilling. I listened, I believed and received the fullness of the Holy Spirit, and spoke in a new language (only after I stopped listening to doubters that it's "not for us today".)   The Holy Spirit comes to those who Believe in Him and His infilling which IS for us and ALL whom the Lord our God shall call.

There is much controversy also on the "Giving of Tithes".  I've been giving Tithes since 1979. I've never "really" believed Titheing was required of New Testament believers because of Malachi ch 3 referring to farmers, but I gave faithfully anyway out of commitment, Love for the House of God, and after reading that "The Tenth is Holy unto the Lord" and some things God said in the Old Testament will never change, such as what is Holy,  Godly, Sanctified, and what is an abomination or sin. 

I remember one day when my car wasn't running right and all I had was $100 and I was looking for a repair center but the 2 places I went to said $212 and $239 was the least I would find, as I was sadly going home a voice said "pull in here" I pulled into a new repair garage and a mechanic with an accent says, "I do for you only $89.95 if you tell friends and family I do good work and give you deal",  I was in shock cause just the day before I gave a tithe in Church of $89.95 cause my gross check was $899.50. From that time on I've never questioned what to give, it should be even more than the 10th in these last days with all that God has blessed us with. 
The Tenth will Always Be Holy

Scriptures on Giving Tithes/Offerings