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    The African American....or as I prefer to be called "Afro-American"...a true head-turner in every country we are seen in. Why is the Black American so observed and well...unique?

Is any other people on Earth like unto us?  Our history, Our native origin, Our hair, Our skin, Our global image? Can many of us go un-noticed thoughout the world? I've always been an inquisitive spirit, seeking to delve into the why and how, of any unanswered question about the world, the people in it, and nature.

I asked the Lord early in my walk with God about who we are and why we are like we are. I was led to the Old Testament how a part of the Garden of Eden had a river named Gihon that surrounded all of Ethiopia.
Genesis 2:13 and how the wife of Moses was an Ethiopian woman Numbers 12:1  yet Moses passed for an Egyptian but was an Hebrew, and according to the hieroglyphics many of the Egyptians in that day were of deep hue. Ethiopia is mentioned several times in the Bible: 

Other areas of Africa are also mentioned, such as Cyrene and Lybia. It is said that Ethiopia is the oldest nation on earth yet Havilah and Assyria are also mentioned to exist in the Garden of Eden 
GENESIS 2:13   There is also the bride of Solomon who said she was "Black, but comely" Song of Solomon 1:5  (comely meaning attractive/beautiful)  I marvel at the account of Philip whom the Holy Spirt led him to draw nigh to the Ethiopian Eunuch an assistant to the Queen of Ethiopia, to share the Scriptures with Him and Baptize him in water. Acts 8:27-40

It is thought that, where the Bible speaks of a "Fair" woman that it means "Light" or "White" but it does not.. "Fair" was a Biblical word for "Pretty", "Beautiful", "Attractive".  Song of Solomon 4:1  Speaks of Solomon's black bride as "Fair".  Fair-skinned, and Fair-of-face were descriptions of a very attractive woman.  King David was also called "Fair", good-looking 
1 Samuel 17:42

Why did I mention some of this?  To dispel some of the misconceptions about the Black race.  In Isaiah chapter 3, it certainly sounds like the Africans in that day, whom appeared to have once been close to God yet became lifted up with pride and chastised by God, however is written: "whom the Lord Loves He Chaseneth" 
Hebrews 12:6

Speaking with a self-proclaimed "Black Hebrew" (so-called), he claims that "Blacks in America are the lost Hebrew tribe", I could'nt help but tell him that "all Blacks are not Ethiopian and we cant just use the Book of Deuteronomy chapter 28 to substantiate that, since that chapter refers to any people of God, who "harken not to the Word of God". Moses is speaking to Israel.  Miriam did not refer to Moses's Ethiopian wife as a fellow-Hebrew.  Miriam was Hebrew, but stated that Moses did'nt follow the Hebrew law by marrying a non-Hebrew." Who would want to claim Deuteronomy 28:14-68 anyway? Though it sounds like Africans brought to America for disobeying God, It's not something to be proud of nor claim. 

I've always thought that we just might have been brought to this country to Return to God. We were told about the Bible, the only textbook in America was the Bible, we prayed in the cottonfield and God evidently heard us and answered us and wrote our freedom through Lincoln's hands. It took 40 years in the wilderness for the Hebrew slaves to be delivered to the Promised land.  We wonder why God might allow a people to suffer, yet suffer is not really the word for it, it's "correction", discipline, or test. A Faithful, Good Father will always chastise His Children when necessary, and who could argue with the Loving hand of God since it is to bring us closer to Him?

Yes, God allows suffering, Moses never entered the promised land, remember John the Baptist, the Apostles, the Prophets were tormented, even killed, Paul the Apostle was stoned, shipwrecked, naked, thirsty and hungry, but in all these things he counted it all Joy to suffer for Christ and we as a people ought to count it Joy that we may not be appreciated in this world, but God certainly Loves us. The enemy of this world hates whatever God Loves. We have a long history with God, and we must stay the strong survivors that He has made us to be, someday we shall see the True Reward of our suffering, and it will be worth it all. Obedience is Key!