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Why You NEED HIM? (Lord Jesus Christ)

 ...Not just because He Loves You, He cares for you,  and He Won the War for your soul, You really can't even live without Him. The war for you was between man and God, The Son and the devil. We View The Cross as a Generous Sacrifice, an act of Selfless Mercy and Compassion; but it was a war, a war to win us back,  a war for our lost souls against satan the opponent.  So many have said "I didnt ask Him to die", correct, but niether does a newborn ask you to change their diaper, they cry as our souls cried out to be delivered of sin and The Lord heard and paid the only price that could save us, His children, His people, His creation from the clinches of satan since the attack in the Garden when satan said as he still tells people today..."God understands, God is merciful, There's more to it than that..." in that subtle, tricky voice, and to this day satan still says it about things we think don't matter to God like that small piece of fruit, while we think other sins are overlooked by God, especially since God gave the Life of Jesus Christ, many feel, " well He wont let any perish who at least believes", but you only Believe in what you Prove you Believe, when Adam and Eve sinned they failed to Believe what God said, and were punished.

We Need God, He is our Life source, Our living depends on Him, Eternal Living depends on Him, just as with Christ's Last Breath He again Breathed the Breath of Life Eternal unto man, with just His Breath, no slingshot, no Rock, no gun, no knife and no, Jesus would never have to use His fist or slap satan to do him in, but with a Single Precious Breath He won the War for your soul, the war against the Universe!, and He Stands As King Over the World, even the Planets align according to His breathed Word, the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, the Water must wait for His breathed Word before they can shift, change or be no more.  He Breathed the Breath of His Nostrils into the first man and made Him Alive, So He Breathed a 2nd Time on the Cross when He gave up the ghost which gave man Spiritual Life, A chance to go from Death to Eternal Life, to recover from what the sin in The Garden brought upon man. The first breath made the first man (Adam) a living soul, and the second breath from the 2nd Man (Jesus) gave man a chance to go from living only a physical life (about 70+ yrs) to a Spiritual life for all Eternity where man shall never die. Adam was a lifeless soul til God Breathed on him, We have a lifeless spirit until God breathes on us. We are as the living dead until our spirit comes to life by the Holy Spirit into us. satan lied to Eve and is still lying to man, they did die, but "spiritually".  The Spirit of man empty of God's Spirit, is dead.  Only those who have received the Breath of Life by Jesus Christ and believe in the Victory of the Resurrection, and prove they believe, shall live forever.  We Win, We Need Him, The Captain, and Victor for our souls!

Genesis 2:7
And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.
Isaiah 42:5

Thus saith God the LORD, he that created the heavens, and stretched them out; he that spread forth the earth, and that which cometh out of it; he that giveth breath unto the people upon it, and spirit to them that walk therein:
In whose hand is the soul of every living thing, and the breath of all mankind.
The Spirit of God hath made me, and the breath of the Almighty hath given me life.
John 20:22 And when he had said this, he breathed on them, and saith unto them, Receive ye the Holy Ghost:
Let every thing that hath breath praise the LORD. Praise ye the LORD.