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Overview of Pubisher's of God's Word.

  Just something to think about when hearing or reading articles or literature in books, commentaries, online, media, or audibly be it in person or on a broadcast, webcast or podcast etc. ... When the Lord called Paul he conferred not with flesh and blood, yet of course he already knew the scriptures but he wrote in Gal. 1:16 that straightway he went to preach the word; so often we are told we must attend a Bible School or College before teaching or preaching in a position of leadership, which is ideal for all leaders, since it is the perfect method to achieve disciplined learning and as is written they must be able to "rightly divide the word of truth and study to show themselves approved unto God" 2 Tim. 2:15 

There are some sources in the Christian world who would shy away from any Bible Teacher/Preacher/Scholar unless they are credentialed, yet in my 41 years of studying God's Word at the spiritual feet of Jesus through the work of the Holy Spirit I've found that a Bible college graduate can often come away in cap and gown with different beliefs than the sound doctrine he/she entered the Bible Academy in, such as teaching "Jesus has already returned in the 2nd coming in us, in the person of the Holy Spirit" and other man-made doctrines.  It is fallacy to think that an instructor is more effective at preparing God's Ministers to bring the unadulterated Word of God than the Holy Spirit Himself who is sent to lead us, teach us, and to guide us into all truth. John 16:13

I would think that since the Apostles were educated by Jesus Christ in person for 3 years that surely the Holy Spirit can teach us also in a matter of time depending on our receptiveness to have an "ear to hear" what the Spirit is saying, whether we receive formal training or not, Prayer and Spirit-led Study of God's Word can be equally and even more effective in bringing a precise, unadulterated teaching of the Word of The Lord to those who hear. Try the spirits whether they be of God. 1st John 4:1