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 YES, This is one of those prophecies ... We should take notice that there are suddenly more and more consistent and more intense occurrences in the weather, with social unrest, violence, children in increased danger, assault weapons, political unrest, odd wars with no battleground (rumors of wars) etc.  Weather disasters, Climate crisis, shortages, enemies within one's own house, and what's with the Pit Bulls attacking and killing, and other animals, even birds chasing people down, Alligators killing people, Crocodile, snakes and bears invading homes, even Elephants are now attacking tourists at safari sites, our nation divided against each other, wars popping up, rumors of wars, nation rising against nation and soon as the Bible foretells, all nations shall be brought together against Israel, Zechariah 14:2
pestilence after pestilence, and the list goes on.  

Is the message getting through to us?  Our time is getting short,...and especially when we get news of the sun regularly having balls of fire spue from it in our direction only to diffuse before hitting us (yet). All these occurrences are in Man's Handbook for Living, The Bible. When Polar Bears can't find enough Ice to get fish and feed their young and hundreds of years old Glaciers melting, and rivers drying up, new deserts forming from drought, wildfires on one coast, hurricanes in the middle and devastating floods on the east and midwest we Have To take notice and come to petition God for Intervention.  America didn't used to have so many of these things, and all the issues with drinking water is also a Bible Prophecy as they will be "made bitter".  Look at the GMO foods, and look at the Organic ones, the Organic fruits and vegetables are shrunken and unlike they were 30 years ago, they rot faster, and the genetically mutated/manipulated/altered dna of GMO produce is brighter, larger and tasteless.

I remember when milk had so pungent a fresh smell, we all knew the milkman had just dropped off the Milk down the hall at school. The whole hallway would smell of fresh bottled milk, now there's hardly a scent at all and it's watered down, cows feed on a lower quality pasture, and are injected with hormones and chemicals and etc. I could go on...but when we see standards lowering, respect for authority diminishing, fights over trivial matters ofen fatal, and morality undefined, the freeway/highway speed limits totally ignored and road rage on a rampage just over a blown horn, we have to take notice when our country continues to fight for guns while they are the reason for increased violence on our streets, in the home and in our nation's schools. We fight to keep assault weapons yet protest to get rid of our unborn babies.  We have to petition God, We have to ask Him what is going on, and How we can turn things around again. If we Dont answer to Him now we sure will later.😱
In the Bible. other believers sought the face of God when an increase of danger and upheaval took place, and God answered. 
God still hears, He sees, He Answers, He's waiting, He's watching, and we are "business as usual".   He's given Us in this world the ability to live in harmony but if we continue to keep our backs turned from Him and honor false religion, think we can lord over ourselves and don't call on Him we will be driven to our knees by force.

*Let us beware of these stories of extraterrestrials and UFO's, and Nephalims because it is a plan of satan for you to believe the lie that when the Saints are taken out of this world's trouble to be with the Lord and escape His Wrath on this sinful world, the enemy wants you to think it was an alien abduction and keep you in the dark, and unaware; ,,,while we put our pleasures before The Lord, (and The Lord is allowing places of recreation, celebration and amusements to be hit with catastrophe because we prefer our own will and pleasures more than Him,) We have to Wake-Up, Turn Back to being One Nation Under God! It wont be a UFO studying Christians by abducting only them, as you may be told and hear on the news, there's still many events that preceed it, but it can have rapid succession and satan chooses to blind the eyes of all uninformed people so they believe any story of why things are happening rather than consult with the Book that never fails and tells us plainly what shall be in the end. It is written "things shall become worse and worse", (Matthew Ch. 24 & 2nd Timothy 3:13 ) and "The Love of many shall wax cold".       REPENT!                 AMERICA...BLESS GOD !   please.

2 Chronicles 7:14

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”