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 So often when we have asked others if they are saved they ask "from what?" , well... saved from the wrath to come, saved for Christ, saved from Sin and the wages of it, from the destruction of this world's end.  Sins when unrepented causes us to be left to experience the Wrath of God on unbelievers who rather serve "self" (their own will) rather than God.  Man's self-will is the most popular reason others don't come to Christ, Believe and Receive the Rich Grace that Jesus Christ has provided for us who Believe and Serve Him.  The 2nd most popular excuse is that "Christians are no different or no better (in behavior, etc.) than non-Christians", this may seem true, however we can all mature in the Lord at a different pace, unfortunately many holding position or title can have the least influence for Christ in the face of unbelievers outside of Church duty,  this should never be so.

It is no excuse to the Lord who has paid so high a price for the salvation of our souls, and the first and foremost of importance is that You Believe that Jesus is Lord over the earth, that He was born of a virgin, was crucified in our place for our sins and rose again fulfilling prophecy and to prove we too shall rise again.  We must be born again. St John 3:3 says we must be Born Again to see the Kingdom of God and Born of the water and the Spirit to Enter the Kingdom of God.   We were born once to live in the flesh for a definite period of time, but to live eternally we must be born of the Spirit.  Beware of deceptions out there that say "the world is saved, we are all safe, cause Christ loves us, God loves the world, and we need do nothing toward Christ". 

 If anyone took your place in death, pushed you out of the path of a speeding Mack-Truck to save you, you should be eternally grateful, and daily thankful enough to live a life that says "I am worth saving, I will do good, I love what is right, I'm a good example, and I make a positive difference in this world to others for Him".   No, it's not by works that we are saved, but it's by our Love for The Lord that produces the works that say "I Love You", "I Thank You for saving me".   Live to impress your Savior.  Love is an action word, it proves itself, All the Lord is asking us to do is "live like you appreciate Me, and My Grace to you". He's saying "Love me in Return".  God so loved the World that He Gave, we also are expected to Give.  His Life for your Love.  It's not about when you are "ready", you'd be surprised how quickly you become ready once you just take that 1st step to give your life to Christ and then the Holy Spirit helps you.  Tomorrow may be too late, come while you have time and strength to prove your love for Him, by following His Word. Please Pray a simple prayer right now:

"Lord I formally acknowledge that that I'm a sinner and you paid the price for my sins,
 I leave my sins, as I walk and talk with you, you, I increase in victory over all of them,
 I'm sorry for my sins Lord, and for waiting to confess and forsake them, 
while believing you suffered for me, I no longer ignore the Great Work You performed 
at Calvary to save, and deliver me.  Thankyou Jesus, come Lord over my life and fill me with 
your Holy Spirit.  I follow this prayer with being Baptized in water in Your Name and 
walk in the newness of Life, and give attendance with other believers in Your House.
Use me for your glory according to your will.  In Jesus Name I pray, Amen."

(If you have a truly saved family member or friend, let them know today that you've given your life to Christ, maybe join with them in their place of worship, or ask the Lord to lead you to a place of worship, begin Daily Prayer and Bible Reading at St. John chapter 1, and by attending a Bible-Believing, teaching ministry that worships Jesus Christ as Lord)

Welcome into the Family of God!