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Christianity and the so-called "White man's religion".

  Every religion has it's extremists, no other religion on earth has been under the kind of attack as Christianity...certainly satan will raise up hypocrites who think they do Godspeed when persecuting and afflicting/killing any people and not just Blacks.  You got extremist militants in the Muslim faith, practicing sinners in the Catholic faith, you got Black hypocrites in organizations that focus on hating and retaliating against whites, you got Isis, atheists and agnostics who afflict other believers, but you can't accuse 100% of the members of a religion of all being phony hypocrites on their way to hell and deceived.  Jesus walked with 12 men and 1 was a devil, so likewise in a large Christian organization you got your Pharisees, and Sadducees.    Christianity is right! 

 If the White man only used the Bible against the slaves and the Black race as a tool of setback, keep back, stay down til Jesus comes, then they wouldn't still be reading the same Bible said to hold Blacks back, .....If the White man had everything to do with the Bible, plenty of it's content wouldve been how Moses married an Ethiopian woman and when Moses sister scolded Moses about having a Black wife, The Lord was displeased Numbers 12:1  Moses sister Miriam's skin became Leprous as a corrective measure: they would've taken out how David called for Bathsheba when he saw her naked taking a bath, and couldn't resist; they wouldve erased how in the Book of Song of Solomon, how he had a bride above all other damsels, and the Sun had looked upon her, so her mother's children put her in the vineyard outdoors to work, yet she was "fair" (Beautiful)  fair doesnt mean "white", it means pretty/handsome...In Genesis 24:16 it refers to Rebekah saying "the damsel was very fair to look upon" or "very beautiful"...the Bible refers in Esther 1:11 "showing the people and the princes Esther's beauty: for she was fair to look on, or good to look at (good-looking) Even Solomon's bride referred to him as being "fair", Solomon was handsome, and yes The book of Song of Solomon is love-letters between him and his bride, not the Lord as many believe...(and the bride says in chapter 2 she is "the rose of Sharon, and the Lilly of the valleys", or the beautiful one among many, such references are feminine descriptions); ...  They would've omitted the scripture Acts 8:26-39 about the Ethiopian eunuch whom the Lord gave order to Philip to draw his chariot toward him and share the Gospel scriptures and he baptized the Ethiopian eunuch" they would've erased where it said the Eunuch served under the Queen Candace of Ethiopia in the Palace, they would've omitted that Moses passed for an Egyptian, but was Hebrew, they would've omitted the fact that the man helping Jesus carry the Cross up Golgotha's hill to Calvary was Simon from the cusp of Africa in Cyrene (now Libya) .....The White men who sought to keep back the Black Americans would've certainly omitted this scripture:
 Acts 17:26 (KJV).
26 ..."And (God) hath made of one blood All Nations of Men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, And the Bounds of their Habitation;"

[I could list on and on the many verses that refer to all nations being of one, from one, by one, to one, and shall answer to One, the One and Only Lord Jesus Christ, a descendent of Solomon, son of Bathsheba.     

(Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved, don't kick against the pricks, yield, believe and receive, or share the fate of the unbelievers in eternal punishment.)