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The 4-Point Cross


Most Christians represent a 1, 2, or 3 pointed cross. The Cross has 4 points, the points cover the head, the hands, the feet. The ultimate sacrifice, The Sword, is the final commitment and is proof we have given our head, hands and feet as a sacrifice to the Holy Will of God. When we as Christians Totally yield our heart to God we have His Sword, we accept and confess Christ, are covered by the Blood and washed by the Water in Baptism representing the Blood and Water spilled from Jesus Side (to insure his death). 

 How’ many Christians still have not died to "self" and sin is complex. Many have only consciously taken the Crown of Christ and not the Cross of Christ, it's on our head but not in it nor in our hearts enough to fully and completely die to "self". Many say it takes time to fully die to self and sin, but too many have completely on Day One given it all up and Never returned to it. It indeed may be a process for some but not because it can’t be done. Often because the temptations of man tend to be stronger for some before coming to Christ than the will of man to fully yield to the Will of God.

 To have Christ's crown, and not the nails or the sword gives a Christian a life of serving God without depth, It doesn’t have to stay that way but when you hear the sinners discuss their reasons for not coming to Christ the usual excuse Is, “people who claim to serve Him are worse than those that don’t” (in their behavior and commitment to their God) If a Christian yields fully their heart to the Lord he will yield more than his head to God, if he yields his hands and feet too, he will DO the works of the Lord in his Life, Living, Speech, Service, Prayer, Works and the works of his flesh demonstrate that. 

 If a Christian yields his Whole Heart to God he/she is unmovable, uncompromising, his heart is fixed, refuses to backslide, difficult to stop attending church or prayer and those who've yielded a part of their heart to the Sword and only their head to the Crown often have not fully yielded their hands and feet as well. 

 The Hands and Feet when truly nailed to the Cross, mean we actually in spirit Carry it, so our lives will Demonstrate what we claim is in our heart and head. How many of us are truly a 4-point Cross Carrying Believer, bearing the Sword? When the world sees the Whole Cross and the Sword in our lives, they will follow.