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When Christians Vote ...

... Remember it takes more than a Pro-Life agenda to Govern a nation. It takes Strength, Integrity, Morality, Wise foreign policy, Unity, Honesty, Reliable infrastructure, Fairness, Self-control, Exemplary Character demonstration, Positive Global Image, Smart Public Policy, Economic Genius, Environmental Improvement, Humane Immigration Regulation, Climate Control Strategies, Fair Trades Laws, Business developments, Crime Control, Job generation and Training, Public Safety programs, National Defense Operations & Analyses, Human Relations Initiatives, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention & Containment, Education advancements & Supervision, Aviation Regulation etc...  and the list goes on, and on. We can only control Abortion by reaching fertile women for Christ who will then treat their bodies as God's Temple and thereby end abortion in this country at least lower the number significantly, since we can't completely force people to live holy and righteously anymore than we can legislate the governing of their underwear. The best way to end abortion in America is to eradicate sin, bring awareness, instill self-pride, Holy Living and the Love of God.   If you are a believer Please follow a Pro-Life agenda and when you go to the polls this year, do take more than one agenda to the voting booth/ballot with you.