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My Thoughts for Today - The State of the Union

 America oh America!... Well, January 6th will go down in history as the worst Civil unrest since 1812, Its nothing short of a prophecy-peek into the future (not to be a doom-reporter) but it is written "things shall get worse and worse" 2nd Timothy 3:13  Much of the unrest of the day is fueled by racism. It's amazing that we can have a Black President no one stormed the White House for 8 years, but as soon as we have a President with his fist in the air like Hitler's hand sign then militant groups know it's alright to make their case public, and openly demonstrate in any way they choose. Actually it appeared to be alright again to openly demonstrate racially motivated violence when Trevon's killer was acquitted.  

We live together on the same land, we may as well live peaceably on it.  Many of us came purposely and others forcibly, but we are all here to live, and I guess here to stay especially if we were born here. It is evident that God separated the races with mountains and oceans, so, to bring different races onto the same soil for any reason says we learn to adapt to accepting each other's differences, culture, and ethnic variances. I'm amazed at how one group can tire of seeing another group too close to where they live, work, play and yes.. Pray, and forget that that same group would still be well across a huge ocean, miles away if there were nothing to be desired from that foreign land.

I remember before going to work on Election day feverishly praying for a desired outcome, and a voice I now know was the Lord, said, "Don't worry, he's got it".  I couldn't understand how that voice was so sure at the time, with so much noise on the opponent's side, such certainty, such optimism, but I remembered that anyone who says he's "done more for Christians than Jesus" couldn't be on the Lord's side, and God often will turn the tables with such persons in spite of His Prophets promising they heard God say "Trump will win". Maybe it was intended but the lack of empathy and action toward a suffering people and self elevation above God Himself is a sure way to be rejected, flip the script, be publicly exposed and reduced to shame.  It's eerie how 18+1+2=21 and 1 8 1 & 2 = 12 which reversed is 21.  May history not repeat itself, may Peace come in 2021.