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Do We REALLY know how to FORGIVE and be FORGIVEN?

 Have You ever been wronged, lied on, cheated, or anything where the wrongdoer never asked forgiveness for what they did or say to you?  Did you go to them in Love just to straighten things out or to attempt or did you just throw them under bus and into the sewer, with backbiting, gossip, hateful words and avoidance?  We must remember the principle of being forgiven, since we are not immune from anger and hasty actions and speech.  Jesus gave us the principle in His teaching on how we should pray in the Lord's Prayer: He says "If we forgive others what they have done to us, God will forgive the wrong we have done." Matthew 6:15

If we hold the trespasses others have against us, God will hold our trespasses against Him & others. We have to let things go, accept apology, attempt to settle the matter peaceably.  There may come a time when we too are tempted to react or enact unseemly in ways we would say as did Peter who thought he'd Never deny Christ. We MUST treat others when they transgress, the way we would hope to find mercy and grace if it were us. Galatians 6:1

Today's generation has the impression that we can just go to God and ask Him forgiveness for what we've done or said to someone, and too often people will ask God even before they commit a transgression or sin as if God is obligated to overlook it as long as we confess to Him. NOT !  Job in the Bible had 3 accusing friends who kicked him while he was down, with their tongues, and when they sought God He ordered them to make a sacrifice for sinning against Job, and then when Job prays for them, God would receive their sacrifice. Job 42:7

Job's friends had falsely accused him and had to confess to him and God, for God to receive them.  We tend to forget the scripture that says, " How can we say we Love God whom we've never seen and hate our brother/neighbor whom we see everyday?  It is a lie. 
 1 John 3:17  1 John 4:20 

It is said by many "Jesus still loves"  of people who sin willfully, daily and mistreat others, but are they saved? Jesus loves everyone He died for, even murderers, but unless they are sincerely sorry for what they've done, and  confess and denounce it/repent and ask God's forgiveness, they are lost and Love not God.   It's not about Him Loving us, that is proven daily, it's "Do We Really Love Him?"  Loving God means keeping our lines of communication open with Him by doing the things that Please Him and not just ourselves.

 It's one thing to be Loved by God and another thing to be Chosen by Him. People settle for just Christ's death, but have no respect for the purpose, the cause or the resurrection.  Forgiveness is not to be taken lightly.  Let's not trample under foot the Blood of Christ nor cling to the things that nailed Him to the Cross, but let every one that nameth the name of Christ, Depart from Iniquity!   2nd Timothy 2:19

Iniquity is sin, unforgiveness puts your relationship with Christ in certain jeopardy, it means that what you ask God to forgive is Not forgiven unless you release others and forgive them. Don't Risk It !   Love breaks no commandments.

Love Is:     1 Corinthians 13                   

Not envious
Not  Pompous
Thinks no evil
Not happy to see sorrow
Appreciates Truth
Thinks Positive/Hopeful