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....This is not to say the system "knows" it's preparing for the mark-of-the-beast, but the spirit of the under-world knows the time left is short and it must work fast to relentlessly, pursue an impervious quest to become "like" The Most High. The world's greatest enemy is not man but the spirit in some that don't know this spirit guides/controls them.  Notice Revelation chapter 14 says "IN" the head or hand, which was not possible when it was written, but it IS possible today. (micro-chips?)  Lawmakers discuss mandatory vaccinations.  We must be wise as serpents, redeeming the time that it not come upon us unawares. There are various beliefs about the church being here for this and my next post proves Jesus wasn't warning the disciples of these signs for nothing and Paul warns us also as I'll show in the next post in-depth verse by verse.

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