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May everyone heed The Words Of God.  God does not deter from His Spoken and Written Words to us, There are lots of Prophecies on the end, 3 days of darkness on YOUTUBE saying they heard from God, but we can receive a vision or dream for the future, yet these media prophecies like to give dates, April 4, 2021, was supposed to be an event of Biblical proportions?.  Too many evangelicals have also "missed it" in saying God showed them Trump would be inaugurated in 2021, none of them said "first Biden will be the projected winner? I don't believe God would leave that out.  The political prophecies may be for 2024 but for now, it's just from heartbroken Republicans and Trumpians, Many of them are more torn by the outcome of the election than they are about the outcome of the Pandemic, the Violence in the land, The gun-deaths by children, the Child-porn and exploitation, the rebels of society who scathed the White House which even God ordained as a Place of Respect, Honor, Power to Execute Righteousness in the land (Romans Ch 13)

We are to pray for our leaders whether we approve of them or not, it only protects the country we live in. We can so earnestly yearn for our own choices and ways that we can conjure up a voice that is our own mind and swear it was the Lord, and be sure it was His prophecy when really He Has Not Spoken. satan is able to transform himself into an angel of light, also what is it that he could also duplicate an angel's voice in our head if we let him?   The words the enemy gives can match what we want to hear, his effort to be "like the Most High" is relentless!, and he hasn't stopped trying to talk subtly and crafty to us since the Garden of Eden. God never fails, never gives a wrong prophecy. Ever!

The enemy has Nonstop effort to be as God to us, with an escalating frequency and intensity of evil as he sees the day of The Lord approaching. Whether there be prophecies (it is written) They shall fail. (1st Corinthians 13:8 Watch your heart's desire, it is there that satan works. This country had much more peace under #44,  he did not have his fist in the air for a vote, which can appear as a symbol of supreme power over other groups, and sends a message of approval to exercise your own will over a group you deem inferior as they did in The early years until it became illegal and the haters continued but knew there would be a penalty if they acted on it.

 Now it's a free-for-all, the fist-in-the-air has caused this unrest! If America doesn't put the brakes on the violence and anti-government rebellion it shall self-destruct, and come to its end by decay from within, and bloodshed. The way it was built so it can be destroyed, with no winners in the end. We have to live here together, we may as well get along.     Peace ☮