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Okay... we know it was a Thursday evening Our Lord was arrested and His burial was rushed since the Christ-followers of that day under Mosaic law and Israel prepared for the Sabbath day beginning on Thursday, so not to have any work duties nor cooking between sundown Friday and sundown Saturday....but to be in a Nation that still recognizes the Death, Burial and Resurrection of The Lord, is truly a Blessing. Respect Good Friday. Any day of the week to commemorate so great an act to save the Universe is Worthy Of Honor. The issue is not whether Thursday or Friday, but that Our Lord was beaten for you, mocked for you, shamed for you, whipped for you, nailed to The Cross for you, died for you, and rose again on the 3rd day, that you and I should not remain in the grave either, but sleep there and rise again to reign with Him for All Eternity!!                               CELEBRATE !!